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BioIsland Magazine
BioIsland Magazine

What seemed like creating something from nothing, evolved into a mission to ensure every living person has access to clean nutrient-rich foods. Our founder Joshua Forte shares our story in the first-ever issue of the BioIsland Magazine.

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BioIsland Magazine

Do you want to read the first biotech magazine from the Caribbean's first biotech island from cover to cover? Click below.
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Natures Finest
From Natures Finest
The What, The Why & The How

Presenting a bold vision for the role of organics in the agrochemical industry. Organic food and conventional food live in an uneasy coexistence. Should farmers still have a right to employ the technology they feel is best for their individual needs or should there be one blanket rule that regulates everything? Is it time for organics to come out of their alternative zone?

Often we choose organic because we seek to avoid pesticides, but are also aware that most of what we eat comes from practices that can never be certified organic.

From Nature's Finest
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About us

Here at Red Diamond Compost our mission is to infuse new life and vitality into the soils across the globe by providing the highest quality of organic and biological soil treatment solutions to our customers, that greatly benefit the environment and are safe and sustainable for use in both commercial and residential applications. 

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Design & Consultation

We find creative solutions to maximize your available growing space, designed to meet your specific goals. We can create and install the sustainable foodscape you need with precision and care. For new installations, transitioning to organic production or if you’re looking to improve your efficiency.

Soil Food Web Analysis

Maintaining a healthy population of beneficial micro-organisms will nurture the protective environment that will thwart any disease-causing organisms that may come along, simply by outcompeting them for food and space.

Online Courses & Training

Become a Master Grower. Online and In-person classes teaching you all the practical & technical aspects of organic & regenerative agriculture & its importance, along with the steps in adopting best practices.

Expertise & Innovation Mainstreaming

We also offer consultation in specific areas ranging from, effects of agricultural policies in relation to food security & climate change across L.A.C., to the strategic development and adoption of agricultural innovations.

Confront Climate Change

A greater awareness of the soil’s ability to store carbon and act as a defense against climate change is earning new attention and admiration for what most of us treat like dirt.

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